Leaving On a Jet Plane

The last time I sat down to write a blog, I started the series with this same title. It was a few hours before the Impact India 2013 Team took off (on a jet plane) for the remote villages of Chennai, India and we established a blog so our friends, family, and Faith family could follow along. This is our FOURTH Impact India blog and…fun fact…I’ve used the SAME title for every kick-off post for every Impact India blog. Such poetry. What an exciting time to be alive. As I write this, we are only 10 days away from our India mission team leaving on a jet plane (can’t stop, won’t stop) to join and continue supporting our India Pastor, David Rajan and the incredible work being done to push back the

God at Work

You’ve probably heard it said that if you want to find purpose in life, find out where God is at work, then join Him. Let me recommend one of those places… As I write this on April 14, Sandi and I have just returned from a three-day mission trip to Bruce Outreach Center in Westernport, MD. We joined four men from our church – Dave and Eric Nelson, Don Abernathy and Duane Beverly – in installing plumbing, insulation and drywall in an area, which will be used as a Christian Day-Care Center. This will be just one of the many ministries that this amazing Baptist church provides for their community. In the summer of 2011, about 40 of our church members took a week-long mission trip to help establ

To Commit or Not to Commit

Question: In a bacon-and-egg breakfast, what’s the difference between being involved and being committed? Answer: The chicken is involved, but the pig is totally committed! Obviously, we need “involved” people, but more importantly, we need highly committed people. Unfortunately, many Christians are selling the virtue of commitment short. For example, many Christians are short-circuiting regular attendance in worship. At one time, an ‘active’ worship attendee meant attending three or four times a month. Now, ‘active’ means attending church for any reason once or twice a month or “When I can get there!” Nobody ever said commitment is easy. Yet, many people complain about having to carry throu

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