You Answered How?

I am excited about the next 5 weekends of worship with my Faith Family. Way too many Christians would not be able to give a quick but powerful outline of what they believe. We know Jesus love us. We know Jesus saves us. We know Jesus is working in our lives daily. But, if someone were to ask you to explain that even further, what would you say? Could you give a quick list that would serve as a backbone of your understanding of God and our faith? Or, would it be an embarrassing question from someone who is seeking answers? Jump in with our conversation of the “5 Solas” over the next five weekends. The understanding of these principles have been the foundation of the Protestant faith for centu

A Rotten Promise From Jesus

We know all of the “good” ones. We know the ones about receiving blessing, joy, peace, abundant life, eternal life, about knowing truth and grace… all of the great promises of Jesus. All of His words are laced through and through with love and power. He is God in the form of man with all of the authority of heaven. His words are profound and are worthy of us hanging each and every moment of our life on their truth. After all, Jesus saw the world from a completely different perspective than any other. Remember: all things were created for, by, and through Him. No one else has ever had that perspective. No one else ever will. He is not a teacher… He is The Teacher. We love His promises. And th

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