Old Friends, Hope, & Jesus

There’s a song written by Bill and Gloria Gaither that comes to mind as I reflect on the loss of several of our old friends in recent days: Old friends, after all of these years,just old friends, through the laughter and tears, old friends, what a find, what a priceless treasure. Old friends, like a rare piece of gold, my old friends, make it great to grow old, old friends, through it all I will hold, to old friends. Now God must have known, that some days on our own, we would lose our will to go on, and that’s why he sent friends like you along. Old friends, yes you’ve always been there, my old friends, we’ve had more than our share, old friends, I’m a rich millionaire, in old friends. A ph

Go For Gold!

Mara Abbott is a name that few people know. This 30-year-old woman from Boulder, Colorado, has worked there on a farm and has sold vegetables at the Farmer’s Market in order to support herself. She sometimes struggles with insecurities and an eating disorder, due primarily to her strong drive to succeed. On Sunday afternoon, August 7, I watched along with millions of people around the world as Mara competed in the Women’s Road Race during the Olympic competition. It is a race of over 87 miles, lasting almost 4 hours. Mara had the race of her life. Through a series of unexpected events, close to the end of the race she found herself in the lead by 40 seconds ahead of the nearest cyclist. With

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