Being a Christian in this Election Cycle

My first real sense of politics and presidential elections was when I started high school. John F. Kennedy was running against Richard Nixon. The big issue then was Kennedy’s Roman Catholic faith. I kept hearing people say, “We don’t want the Pope running this country.” Kennedy reassured everyone that his faith would not impact his leadership as president and he won. So here we are 56 years later in a presidential election that has caused me and many others to struggle like we have never struggled. Just today, I read three different blogs. Each defending one of the top two candidates, and the third arguing for not voting for either of them. Perhaps you are stressed as I am over this election

Can You Believe it is 35%??

More than 1 in 3. That is a large percentage. You can get to the Baseball Hall of Fame on those numbers. Can you imagine taking a room of 100 people and then telling 35 of them to GET OUT because you couldn’t care less about them? Hey 35 people, just get out and don’t take anything on your way! Our church has been guilty of ignoring the 35 in our past. But, no more! Who and what am I talking about? According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 35% of our country’s adults work on the weekends. 35 percent. If that seems like a lot. It is because… (wait for it)… it IS a lot. “Back in the day” there were “blue laws” based on sabbatical principles that kept establishments closed on Sund

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