Fishing for Men

JD Greear wrote an interestingly titled book, Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart. For evangelical Christians, it goes against everything we have been taught to believe. How can you be a witness without asking Jesus into your heart by praying a little prayer and all is well spiritually? Greear is a Southern Baptist. So, it is not that he is trying to rub people the wrong way. He is trying to address something that many evangelicals don’t want to address. “Surveys show more than 50% of people have prayed a sinner’s prayer and think they’re going to heaven, even though there is no detectable difference in their lifestyles from those outside of the church.” We tell them, “Pray this simple prayer

We Are Still Segregating Worship

You probably have heard it said many times: “11:00am on Sunday mornings is the most segregated hour in the entire week!” The point being: our American church is, for the most part, still very divided across racial barriers. While I see too much merit in this statement and I terribly see it as true, this is not the point of this article. Take a deep breath. Click bait achieved. In fact, I am excited about the diversity that we have seen historically and continue to see build in our own Faith Family. We have a beautiful array of race, culture, and background at Faith. We LOVE it. That said, we need to talk about another type of segregated worship: age segregation. When I was a child, si

Where is Your Judea?

As a youth pastor, there are few things more integrated into the fabric of ministry than mission trips. For whatever reason, the ability to plan these events is required of my position. I would venture a guess that over 80% of churches currently searching for a “youth person” have leading a mission trip as an expectation. I love mission trips. I love working with new people. I love watching teenagers grow through experiences that they have, and I love the fact that Jesus considered your next-door neighbor and a random person in Pakistan to be the people we are to be reaching. Anyone who has listened to a “missions” sermon or gone to a conference has heard someone use Acts 1:8, “But you wil

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