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Bigotry has always been alive and well, but there are times when it rears its ugly head bigtime. We are living in one of those times. Bigoty is defined as “stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.” I am deeply concerned about the deep divide developing between Americans over just about everything. No matter what my chosen religious, political, moral ideology or lifestyle choices are, there will be those who disagree with me and who have alternative views. In the past, ideology differences have been tolerated by most people. We could “agree to disagree” and still respect one another. Remember how the word “tolerance” has been touted over

Are You A Stranger Person?

THINGS WE HAVE LEARNED 1. Christians are chosen of God and are well within His care, and, therefore are never out of His plan, even when His plan includes difficulties and pain. Nothing catches God by surprise. There has never been and will never be a time where God has watched over humankind and had a “double-take” moment. His foreknowledge is perfect. He knows the trials. He brings them to us on purpose.​ 2. A Christian’s inheritance of heaven is reserved by God. No offense to my father nor father-in-law … whatever they may bequeath to me in death will fade. It will perish. My heavenly Father’s inheritance for me is undefiled, imperishable. It is death-proof, time-proof, and sin-proof. 3


As I sit down to write this, the TV in the background is filled with footage of the Golden State Warriors celebrating another NBA championship. They just swept Lebron James and The Other Ones. I’m not a big fan of the NBA, but I watch the Finals with my son because, like every other basketball player his age, he wants to be the next Steph Curry and never shoot the ball inside the 3-point line. Some of the games during the Finals have been exciting, with some good competition coming down to the wire. Not tonight. With half a quarter to go, it was clear the Warriors were going to emerge victorious. The announcers knew it, the fans knew it, and worse, the Cavaliers knew it. And they played like

We've Updated Our Privacy Policy

“We’ve updated our privacy policy.” You have probably noticed those words in your email inbox quite a few times over the past several weeks. Every organization that has gained access to our information (to which we gave them the access) is scrambling to better protect our information, so they don’t get dragged in front of a Senate investigation committee. Or… they are at least trying to make it appear as if they are being more prudent. Many of us have heard part of the Zuckerberg hearing or we’ve seen still photos in the media. Facebook has recorded the lives of many of us not because they were prying, but only because they are good at storing and remembering. Can you blame them? Ask any

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