REBOOT Devotional Day 13 | FAITH

Tuesday, February 27



Proverbs 28:26

 “The one who trusts in himself is a fool, but one who walks in wisdom will be safe.”


God bless GPS. I mean, really. Remember holding a big Rand-McNally atlas on your dashboard, or, even worse, your steering wheel trying to figure out where you were. As a child I was kind of a map nerd, who, for whatever reason, just seemed drawn to maps. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for 10-year-old Tim to just read through maps for hours on end.  Nowadays, Google Maps is my jam!


With one of those big maps, finding and routing a game plan for a road trip was not hard. What was terribly frustrating, however, was when you were on that trip and got lost. If you wanted to actually pinpoint your location on the map, it was nearly impossible.


Then comes GPS. I’m pretty certain that GPS has saved a few marriages. How many guys have said, “I know where I am,” when they had ZERO clue? Well, this brings us to Proverbs 28.


Just like those road trips of yesteryear, many men and women walk through life with the “I got this” mentality. They think they can work it out, whatever “it” is, by themselves. Many of us think ourselves to be invincible.


“That can’t/won’t happen to me!”  Until it does…


To my FAITH Family: It is time to REBOOT our thinking and realize… we can’t find our own way. We can’t rely on ourselves. Experience tells you that. Wisdom tells you that. So, it is time to walk in that wisdom, tune our heart and mind to God, and let Him be the One we trust.



Father God, it may have been a long time since I have needed to hold someone’s hand to feel safe walking across the street, but my today, tomorrow, and every day, is the street that I cannot trust myself to navigate. God, I’m grabbing Your hand today. As my Perfect Father, guide me.


- Pastor Tim



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