REBOOT Devotional Day 7 | FAITH

Wednesday, February 21



Proverbs 4:23

 “Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life”


I read an entertaining article the other day in which the author was complaining about VOSS Water. If you don’t know VOSS, you can find it in the 4x-the-normal-price-of-water-section in our grocery stores. The author called it “water with a superiority complex.” People are buying it though. Call them crazy or call them smart, they are paying through the nose for this fancy water. Why? Marketing for one. But what are they marketing? The source.


Supposedly, it is from some amazingly awesome aquifer in Norway guarded by the immortal Knights of the Round Table … or something like that.


Source is important. To determine the “fakeness” of our news, we must pursue and corroborate a source. Proverbs tells us that the source of life is… wait for it… our heart. From the heart pours our thoughts, actions, and reactions. Our heart is the source. It is the seat of who we are, and the health of our heart determines the direction of our life.


Guard the source. I love other older translations of this verse that say, “guard thy heart with all diligence”.  Would you say you do this? Would you say you are truly diligent when it comes to keeping watch over your heart?


Too many of us live figuratively and literally with our “guard down,” but it should be a top priority for us. Each breath in our lung is a gift, and we have no idea how many more will be given. Our spouses, our kids, our families, and most importantly our God require that we use every breath to the fullest extent. And every breath is sourced from our heart.  Guard it. Above all else.



Father God, help me not to fall asleep on the job. I am called to be on alert and on guard to protect the source of my life: my heart. I want my heart to be firmly placed in You so that all of my life then spills from You. Give me strength to stand guard.


- Pastor Tim



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