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Casting Vision

Hey Faith Family!!

This weekend is a very special and important time for our church family.

Since October, I and the rest of our Pastoral Team have been praying, researching, discussing, debating, praying more, discussing more, writing down, and praying even more to ask God what He is calling us specifically to do as a church. We are excited to present to our church family a vision for the future. We are fully confident that God has given us goals, directives, and direction for tomorrow and for the years down the road.

Faith has been serving our community and worshiping our King Jesus for 54 years here in Glen Burnie. We have seen Him do incredible things in our church family in the past decades. I, for one, have been a huge recipient of the ministry of the Faith Family. This is where I spent all of my formative years. I can say, with full confidence, that these 54 years of ministry that I have given to and received from has produced a strong platform from which we can now launch.

We launch with the power of the living God now in 2016 with faith that is becoming sight. Some churches and people in this time and age have only the option to launch ministry with a blind faith. Yes, God will be faithful to them, yet they do not have the personal history of seeing God work. We have that personal history. We have that knowledge and experience of knowing when God calls us to jump, He stands victoriously waiting to grab us when our feet leave the ground. We have felt Him do this with us time and time again. Jumping is not new to the Faith Family.

And now… it is time to again jump … and jump we shall!

Join me this weekend (Thursday @ 6:45p // Sunday @ 9:30a & 11:00a) as we unite together in His mission and His plan. It will be a GREAT weekend!

-Pastor Tim

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