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Why So Somber?

June is here and “Tis the season” for graduations. For those of you lucky enough to attend a ceremony, there is nothing quite like going to a three-hour ceremony to hear a single name called and not being able to clap or cheer. There is nothing like keeping everything somber, as if everyone gets one final detention before leaving school. College graduation is much different. When I walked, we had beach balls, silly string, and caps with sayings on them. Even the professors got in on the fun by hiding super soakers in their robes and carrying confetti cannons.

These two very different types of graduations have a lot in common with our Christian lives, our worship, prayer life, bible study, service, etc. While there will always be situations that call us to be reserved in our actions, we should always be animated in our souls. Imagine what it would have been like if the apostles stayed in the house after receiving the Holy Spirit, and took part in a six-part discussion about the Holy Spirit followed by silent prayer. The world was changed because they ran outside and were so excited that people thought they were drunk or crazy.

So, what happened between Pentecost and now? Did the Holy Spirit become docile and quiet? I doubt it, but the “temple” in which He resides has. We have become the high school graduation committee that says excitement is bad, and the event is a celebration in name only. Who would want to be a part of that? What would be like if, like at my college graduation, we were ecstatic every time God moves in a person’s life, every time a mission team gave a report, every time a lost person finds Christ?

Here’s my challenge …. Let’s give it a try for month. Look for ways to be excited about worshiping God, and see how it changes you.

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