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You Answered How?

I am excited about the next 5 weekends of worship with my Faith Family.

Way too many Christians would not be able to give a quick but powerful outline of what they believe. We know Jesus love us. We know Jesus saves us. We know Jesus is working in our lives daily.

But, if someone were to ask you to explain that even further, what would you say? Could you give a quick list that would serve as a backbone of your understanding of God and our faith? Or, would it be an embarrassing question from someone who is seeking answers?

Jump in with our conversation of the “5 Solas” over the next five weekends. The understanding of these principles have been the foundation of the Protestant faith for centuries. They are the non-negotiables we stand on and build from. And, they are a very succinct and distinct description of what we believe that can be used in any and all conversations. Come join us and equip yourself to better discuss and defend your faith!

The new series starts tonight and continues each Thursday at 6:45p or Sundays at 9:30a and 11:00a.

We Are FOR.

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