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We Are Still Segregating Worship

You probably have heard it said many times: “11:00am on Sunday mornings is the most segregated hour in the entire week!” The point being: our American church is, for the most part, still very divided across racial barriers. While I see too much merit in this statement and I terribly see it as true, this is not the point of this article. Take a deep breath. Click bait achieved.

In fact, I am excited about the diversity that we have seen historically and continue to see build in our own Faith Family. We have a beautiful array of race, culture, and background at Faith. We LOVE it.

That said, we need to talk about another type of segregated worship: age segregation. When I was a child, sitting still in the pew was a non-negotiable. I was to sit, be still, be silent… and if I did good, I would get a lollipop. I did love me some lollipops! From time to time, there was something called “Children’s Church” where the kids would walk to the stage, get some facetime with the preacher and then get sent back to our seats.

I appreciated those moments as a kid. It made me feel like I was still known. It made me feel like people did pay attention to me. On the other hand, it seemed clear: there is a time for kids and the rest was just for the adults.

Nowadays, as ministry adapts with the times, our Faith kids have the chance to worship in their own room, with their own music and with their own dance moves. Yes, dance moves. It is incredible.

This segregation gives adults a chance to have higher level, more pointed conversation. It also allows our kids to have more appropriate conversations. Each demographic is then able to glorify God at their own pace.

But what happens when the kids get too old for Kids Worship?

What happens when adults don’t get to see the joy of kids worshiping?

What happens when kids don’t get to see the joy of adults worshiping?

The segregation is an effective tool… but it also might be contributing to a lack of family discipleship. Parents should be able to lead their children in worship. Kids should be able to follow the lead of their mom or dad and see how they love Jesus in worship.

So… we want the best of both worlds.

I’m excited to announce that this Palm Sunday weekend (April 6 & April 9), we are going to all join together in the same room and experience the same worship. Kid ministry from K5 and up will be shut down for the day so that our kids can join us in worship for our first ever: Family Worship Weekend.

Our songs of worship that weekend will include some adult favorites and some kid favorites. Our worship leaders that day will desegregate our worship even more. Our message that day will be taught on a level that will move all ages to life change.

It is going to be a good day. Desegregation is coming.

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