INDIA 2017 Episode 4

7 years ago, I had the honor of baptizing two of the first believers in the waters right near the original church. We sang, we danced, we worshiped. A locally sourced shrimp dinner was shared on the rooftop of the primitive mission center that was beginning its work. It was a great night.

But, to come back 7 years later and see the progress and explosive growth of the Gospel in this region was a greater night. A tiny thatch roof church has turned into a church of 200. A CDC of 400. 10 other area village churches. 3 of which have brand new buildings. North River itself has grown 10 fold in size and now is a mega complex promoting the Gospel.

"God's work, done God's way, never lacks God's supply." - David Rajan, Pastor of India and Sri Lanka Ministries.

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