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Romecki Mixed Group


Welcome to the Bible Studies for Life Group!


We start our class recognizing birthdays/anniversaries, so we can celebrate them together! Next, we enjoy a short joke or two.


Our current study is Bible Studies for Life, which helps us understand how God wants each of us, as disciples, to live our lives. A brief review of the scripture to be covered that day is presented to give background to our lesson. We then continue with the lesson as the Holy Spirit leads us.


We conclude our study with a few review questions, a devotional, and a prayer to send us on our way.


We invite you to join our friendly and welcoming group of those who are eager to understand God's message and direction for our lives!


Our group is open to adult men and women. 

LEADERS: Ed Romecki

MEET: Sundays, 9:30-10:30a
LOCATION: FAITH Campus, Room A104

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