9/28-10/12: Worth: The Who and Why of Us

Millions of people spend their lives wondering how they got here and why. We try to find our fulfillment and purpose in anything and everything except God. This three-week series explores how we find our worth and purpose in God and His plans for us. The series begins with our creation and ends with a discussion of Spiritual Gifts. 


10/19-11/2: Suffering: How to Get Up When Life Beats You Down

The Suffering series was created out of a need to respond to questions about pain and suffering. We will all experience pain and suffering in this life. Yet, we are told there is a God who loves us. Why would a good God allow us to go through some of the horrific pains we experience? Not only that, when life knocks us down, it often feels like we are abandoned to die, and sometimes it seems like God doesn’t care. So what is the truth? Does God really care about each of us? This series will address these questions as we learn how to get back up when life beats us down.


11/9 &11/16: You Belong Here

Everyone wants to feel significant, to know they matter and are loved. This two-week series looks at the way we fit into God's story and the lengths Jesus has gone to so we would know we are loved.