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1/4-1/18: Misquoted

Misquoted is a 4-week sermon series that investigates four popular sayings that are often attributed to the Bible. The only problem is, you won’t find them in there! The words we speak say a lot about who we are. 


1/25-2/8: When God is Silent

What do you do when it seems like God has left the building, when your prayers are going unanswered, and when hope is fading? That's the question this series will discuss.


2/15-3/1: Genuine Faith

We talk a lot about faith in the church, but sometimes we assume people know exactly what we're talking about. This series, Genuine Faith, gives students a grasp on what these passages tell us about faith, helping them understand what faith does for us and how we can live it out.


3/8-3/29: Empty

Empty is a four-week teaching resource designed for Easter, but applicable any time of year. This series explores the concept of emptiness that every person experiences and the misguided ways we try to fill that void.


4/12-5/17: Gray

What do your student's choices mean for those who watch them? Does it really matter if what they do "gets them through the day?" Besides, everyone else is doing it. If they do something so they can get a grade or get an invite to a party or have someone think they're funny, what does it really matter? It doesn't affect how anyone views their faith or Jesus. Does it?

5/24-6/14: Grown up

This is a four-week series that revisits children’s Bible stories that many people have heard. However, some never get past the surface. Each story is broken down into an in-depth view of the entire Biblical passage. 


9/16-10/11: Sift

This six-week worldview series using 2 Peter helps students learn to sift through our culture’s distorted version of reality to uncover the truth. Addressing commonly held beliefs of our day, the study will challenge students to use the Bible as their sieve as they build their worldview.


10/18-11/8: Two-Faced

When you step back and look at things, you realize you almost have two lives. There’s the one everybody at church knows about, and the one only your non-church friends know about. Ultimately, this two-faced reality comes down to a problem in our hearts.

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