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WE ARE FOR - give us 3 minutes to explain...

It is a grave tragedy that a world in need of the Church sees no real need for the Church.

We have too many conversations with our community who think that the Church is “against” them.  Of course people see no need for the church. Who would want to associate with someone “against” them?  This should never be the case for the Church.  The mission of Jesus was and is the most profound “FOR” campaign the world has ever seen.  God loved us so much that He sent His Son FOR us.  For us.  You, me, all of us.


The mission of Christ is what we continue. We continue to be FOR kids, moms, dads, seniors, the broken, depressed, confused, etc.  We are here FOR our community.  We are FOR you.


The world is in desperate need of the Church to continue the mission of Jesus.  We need to be that church. We will be that church.

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