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Thursday, March 28 // 6:45p 


Friday is a day of mourning. Sunday is a day of celebration. On Thursday, we will celebrate all of it. The entire "passion story" will be wrapped up in one night of worship with the 8:30 Band and orchestra. We will use music to take us from the cross to the empty grave. Feel the weight of His death. Feel the assumed finality of His burial. Feel the awe of His resurrection.


Sunday, March 31 // 9a*, 10a, 11a

* We will live stream our 9a Worship Session

Easter changes everything and that is why we celebrate like there is no tomorrow. Whether you admit it or not ... JESUS IS FOR YOU. Jesus has always been and always will be for you. His offer of love, grace, and forgiveness is ever-present. On Easter, we celebrate His offer of victory to lift our heads above the nonsense of this world and to share in His life.

This year there will be ONE Continuous Worship Service that is 3 hours long but broken down into 3 sessions.​​ We will also celebrate baptism at all 3 sessions. To take part in the baptism, SIGN UP HERE.

We will also have a separate celebration for your children ages Nursery through 5th Grade.


Children are always welcome in our Worship Center ... Bring your whole family and join us in worship!  We look forward to celebrating the love and victory of Jesus with you.

All Events at FAITH

7378 E Furnace Branch, Glen Burnie MD 21060

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