Easter in Glen Burnie 2019


All are welcome.

Sunday, April 21 - 9:00a, 10:30a, 12:00p 

Easter changes everything. It is why we celebrate. It's why we set aside the time and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.  Whether you want to admit it or not, JESUS IS FOR YOU.  He always has been. His offer of love, grace, and forgiveness is ever present.  In Easter, we celebrate His offer of victory to lift our head above the nonsense of this world and to share in His life.


  • 9:00 - Modern Worship

  • 10:30 - Classic Worship

  • 12:00 - Classic Worship

The 9:30 and 10:30 hours will feature a separate celebration for your children if they elect to join. But, children are welcome in our Worship Center with you if you so choose. During the 12:00 hour, we will offer care for infants and babies only.  We invite your whole family to join us in worship.  We look forward to celebrating with you the love and victory of Jesus.

Easter with the 8:30 Band


Thursday, April 18 - 6:45p  [doors open at 6:15]

After 13 years of Christmas worship concerts, Glen Burnie's legendary band invites you to an Easter concert celebration.  This 1.5 hour worship concert is designed to bring you face to face with the reality of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, while giving you room and permission to respond to each aspect.  


Feel the weight of His death.  Feel the assumed finality of His burial.  Feel the awe of His resurrection.

During the worship concert, we will have childcare for children under 5.  We invite older children to worship with mom and dad.  Registration and check in happen between 6:15 and 6:45.

No tickets are required.  Everything is free.

Good friday - station of the cross

Friday, April 19 - 6:45p [doors open at 6:15]

Thursday will be a celebration.  Sunday will be a celebration.  Friday will be a time to sit, reflect, mourn, and pray.  With scripture recitation, responsive readings, public prayer, and moments of quiet reflection... our pastors will guide you through the Stations of the Cross which comes from the Catholic tradition.  Opposed to some, you will not need to walk around, it will be a time of mostly sitting.  If you have never experienced this unique worship environment, we wish you would.  There is great worth in mentally traveling with the grief of Jesus through the story of His crucifixion.

Communion will be taken on this night.  FYI, there will be no observance of Communion on Thurs or Sun.  Only Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

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Thursday 6:45p

Sunday 9:30a


Sunday 11:00a




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